10 Best Zelda Breath Of The Wild Glitches Of 2022

2022 was a strange year for Breath of the Wild glitches, with one particular glitch spawning many other discoveries at a rate never seen before, and breaking Breath of the Wild forever. . With this being the last year before the sequel, let’s look back at what happened in 2022. Space Exploration: On January 22nd, player LegendofLinkk found that by combining a ridiculous amount of bomb arrows, and two other glitches, Death Mountain Storage and Moon Jump, you could blast Link as you passed through Breath of the Wild’s ceiling wind box. can fly from and literally escape into outer space. Players have escaped Hyrule before in the past, but it was usually downwards or outwards, never so high up, so this was a never-before-seen angle of Hyrule.

inventory slot transfer: On June 17th, zxrobin showed something strange in a short catty video. He explained that he was able to duplicate the entire stack of materials with the new discovery. Using menu overloading, then grabbing and dropping items before and after the event, a similar concept to item transmutation. But this time it was different, as he then dumped the sold material on the ground, then reloaded the file. Once he did, he duplicated entire stacks of wood and giant ancient cores. This was the discovery of creating an offset slot, which is the basic idea of ​​inventory slot transfer, to carry specific items you want when reloading in any file. It was huge. This started a renaissance of sorts in the BOTW community, as it led to mass copying of almost anything you wanted, including making fairies invincible, starting a whole new game with whatever you wanted. , rediscovering old assets Nintendo never released, spoiling anyone. Being able to eat food repeatedly using direct inventory corruption, and more. This was only the tip of the iceberg.

Blue Hyrule: On June 25th, user Kanak found that using the inventory slot transfer to a new file, but not picking up certain items through the game could allow you to have bad menu prompts, such as empty food slots. Lets you corrupt the save prompt. menu while the game is still running in real time. Along with defeating Ganon, you can save the game after defeating the castle, with Camelot Ganon’s pillars around the castle clearing blue, the final canonical state of Hyrule which is actually Tears of the Can be played before Kingdom.

Weapon Modifier Corruption: Next month on July 9th, Kanak discovers another game-breaking discovery using inventory slot transfer again, and that is Weapon Modifier Corruption, the final frontier for equipment corruption in Breath of the Wild. With this glitch, players were able to force weapons to have special over power modifiers, heavy strong attack and defend equipment, as you wish. Today, IST and WMC have advanced so much that advanced object manipulation has completely broken the game. Highly advanced techniques such as arrowless offset, prompt entanglement, chain material corruption, false arrow slot, false star slot, k9c WMC, k+1 WMC, k+60 WMC, and piercing WMC have made the process as smooth as possible so that the corruption Equipment and accessories more efficient. Any player willing to dive down the complicated rabbit hole was rewarded with equipment, materials, and food setups that players could only dream of.

Gerudo disarm: Finally we finish with Gerudo Disarming. Found on September 25, 2022, user Wacchan found a way to disarm enemies that would normally never be disarmed, such as Yiga Blademasters and even Lynels. Enemies at the front gates of Gerudo Town said that being caught by the guards at the gate would force any nearby NPCs, including enemies, to lay down their weapons. This changed their behavior in weird ways because Nintendo never designed these enemies to work without their weapon, which made for some amusing situations.

2022 was a big year for Breath of the Wild, and the discovery of inventory slot transfer and all of its ancillary glitches changed the game forever. Now we are just waiting to see what Kingdom sequel Tears will bring to the table after 6 long years in the oven. If you enjoy Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom content, be sure to stick around, as we continue to cover Zelda today and bring you the latest when it drops. . For everything else, keep it here on GameSpot.

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