14 Best Steam Deck Games To Play Right Now

First up is the GameSpot Game of the Year – Best 10–Alden Ring. In this game you play as a lowly tainted with the ultimate goal of finding shards of the Elden Ring and becoming an Elden Lord. In your journey you will find hidden dungeons, rare loot, beautiful sights, terrifying creatures and many tough enemies that will test your strength. Just try to keep your cool, a broken steam deck is a bit more expensive to replace than a frustratingly broken controller.

Another challenging game with monsters is Vampire Survivors, a top-down roguelite indie survival game that charmed its way onto tons of top 10 lists in 2022. The premise is simple: you choose from a handful of unique survivors, killing monsters to collect gems. Turn in experience points, level up to get upgrades and stay as long as possible.

If those first two games weren’t full of enough swords and magic for you, check out Cult of the Lamb.. In this game you play as a lamb saved from death by a mysterious entity, The One Who Waits. In return you must return to the land of the living, start a cult in their name and defeat the bishops of the Old Faith. Sounds like a fair trade right? And when you’re not killing heretics, you’ll be gardening, decorating, cooking, getting married and playing dice, all while listening to a soundtrack full of BANGERS.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is my favorite game of all time and feels right at home on the Steam deck (sorry Switcher 3 fans). Although the game is now seven years old, it is still a standard in video game storytelling, especially when it comes to those incredible aspects. Exploring the world, meeting colorful characters, and killing monsters makes any train ride or picnic that much more interesting.

Some might say I’ve saved the best for last and to be honest I won’t argue with them. Power Wash Simulator is exactly what the name implies: a game about cleaning things with a power washer. The experience focuses on building your own business in Career Mode and completing dirty jobs in the city of McKinney. There’s no time limit to get a high score and no annoying feeling, just you, a dirty building, and complete freedom in how you want to finish the mission. Power Wash Sim was the drug that many other “simulator” games had to try, like Lawn Mowing Sim, and I love doing a little cleaning with Steam Deck wherever I go.

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