Orbit Fab to launch propellant tanker to fuel satellites in geostationary orbit

The geostationary orbit tanker is being designed to hold greater than 200 kilos of hydrazine

WASHINGTON — Orbit Fab, a startup providing a refueling service in area, will launch a propellant tanker to geostationary orbit on a SpaceX Falcon 9 lunar lander mission projected for late 2022 or early 2023. 

“Geostationary orbit is the place most of our clients, particularly the Division of Protection and intelligence neighborhood, are interested by,” Orbit Fab CEO Daniel Faber informed table4.

The tanker will journey as a secondary payload with Intuitive Machines’ NASA-backed IM-2 lunar lander mission. The payload will get to geostationary orbit aboard a Spaceflight Sherpa-ES orbital switch car utilizing a novel “lunar flyby” trajectory that takes it first across the again of the moon, Faber stated. The mission was facilitated by Spaceflight and GeoJump, a brand new firm providing small satellite tv for pc rideshare companies to the geostationary belt.

“Commencing operations on this orbit will probably be an essential milestone for us,” Faber stated.

The tanker is being designed to have the ability to retailer propellant for as much as 15 years, he stated. 

Orbit Fab in June launched its first gas payload demonstration to a low solar synchronous orbit. “It’s simply proving that the fueling port is holding stress and working properly, and it’s accessible for patrons if they need excessive check peroxide,” stated Faber. 

The plan is to ship “gas shuttles” to orbit over the subsequent couple of years, he stated. “Our structure includes tankers that include lots of gas and gas shuttles to switch gas between the tankers and operational spacecraft.” Orbital propellant depots are one of many key items of the area infrastructure wanted for financial actions and exploration.

Orbit Fab’s first tanker that’s now in low Earth orbit is lower than 100 kilos. Faber stated the geostationary orbit tanker will probably be bigger and carry greater than 200 kilos of hydrazine. That is what clients have requested for, Faber stated. “We’ve already obtained a number of million {dollars} price of contracts from the House Drive and Air Drive, who’re funding flight qualification of the fueling ports [and efforts to deliver] each hydrazine and xenon.”

Hydrazine gas will probably be accessible for supply within the geo belt as quickly because it arrives however the firm will want extra time to reveal long-term storage functionality. “When it’s not making a gas supply, we will probably be parking our tanker a number of hundred kilometers away from the geostationary belt in order to not muddle up the orbit,” stated James Bultitude, Orbit Fab’s chief engineer.

Faber stated the tanker mission with Spaceflight is being internally funded by Orbit Fab. “We could have propellant accessible on the market and supply in geostationary orbit.”

Orbit Fab developed an in-space refueling port often known as RAFTI, quick for Quickly Attachable Fluid Switch Interface, that’s being supplied to DoD, intelligence neighborhood and business satellites.

Based in 2018, Orbit Fab relies in California however lately introduced plans to maneuver to Colorado. It’s enterprise funded and in addition has attracted monetary help from protection contractors Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.

Satellite tv for pc-servicing automobiles resembling these operated by Northrop Grumman, Astroscale and different corporations are seen as key clients, Faber stated. “We see them as tow vehicles. We construct the gas provide.” The plan is to have the ability to ship gas to “absolutely cooperative, absolutely ready spacecraft that don’t have anything flawed with them. If there’s ever any glitches, name the tow truck.”

Faber stated Orbit Fab plans to quickly announce a contract it received to refuel a satellite tv for pc servicing car.

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