U.S. intelligence report: Multinational efforts needed to prevent wars in space

China has counter-space weapons meant to focus on U.S. and allied satellites, the U.S. intelligence neighborhood warns

WASHINGTON — The danger that conflicts on Earth will lengthen to area will develop as China and Russia step up developments of ant-satellite weapons, the U.S. intelligence neighborhood warns in its annual report on worldwide threats launched March 8.

“As states corresponding to China and Russia more and more see area as a warfighting area, multilateral area safety discussions have taken on better significance as a method to scale back the danger of a confrontation that may have an effect on each state’s capacity to soundly function in area,” says the 2022 Annual Risk Evaluation of the U.S. Intelligence Neighborhood.

 “Beijing is working to match or exceed U.S. capabilities in area to achieve the navy, financial, and status advantages that Washington has accrued from area management,” the report says.

China’s navy will proceed to combine area providers — corresponding to satellite tv for pc reconnaissance and positioning, navigation, and timing — and satellite tv for pc communications into its weapons and command-and-control programs to erode the U.S. navy’s info benefit, says the risk evaluation. “China has counter-space weapons meant to focus on U.S. and allied satellites. The PLA is fielding new damaging and nondestructive ground- and space-based anti-satellite weapons.”

Russia additionally seeks to problem the US in area, says the report.

“Moscow will concentrate on integrating area providers — corresponding to communications; positioning, navigation, and timing; geolocation; and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance — into its weapons and command-and-control programs,” the evaluation says. These capabilities would permit Russia “to extra rapidly determine, observe, and goal U.S. satellites throughout a battle.”

Moscow would use its civil and industrial distant sensing satellites to complement navy devoted capabilities that scale back U.S. capacity to carry out delicate navy actions undetected, says the report.

“Russia continues to coach its navy area parts and discipline new anti-satellite weapons to disrupt and degrade U.S. and allied area capabilities,” it provides. “It’s creating, testing, and fielding an array of nondestructive and damaging counter-space weapons, together with jamming and our on-line world capabilities, directed vitality weapons, on-orbit capabilities, and ground-based ASAT capabilities to focus on U.S. and allied satellites.”

The intelligence neighborhood additionally notes that Russia is investing in digital warfare and directed vitality weapons to counter western on-orbit belongings. These programs work by disrupting or disabling adversary communications networks and disrupting GPS, tactical and satellite tv for pc communications, and radars.

Russia additionally continues to develop ground-based direct ascent ASAT weapons able to destroying area targets in low Earth orbit. 

The report says the intelligence neighborhood’s evaluation is present as of January 21 and was accomplished simply as Russia was getting ready to assault Ukraine with nicely over 100,000 troops massed close to the Ukraine border. 

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