Horror fans have had a lot to shout about these past few years, and it looks like there’s going to be even more scares ahead of us. From remakes of horror classics like Silent Hill 2, Dead Space, and Resident Evil 4: From remakes or chilling sequels like Alan Wake 2 or Stalker 2, to the haunting promise of a brand new IP like Slaterhead, GameSpot’s 25 Best Here is the horror list. Games to look forward to in 2023 and beyond.


After the divided reception of Dead Space’s spiritual successor, The Callisto Protocol, all eyes now turn to EA’s Motive Studio’s remake of the original game. The remake will once again follow the journey of engineer Isaac Clarke as he battles a group of strange alien creatures on an abandoned spaceship. Along with a drastic graphical overhaul, the remake will bring new improvements such as a propulsion boost and the ability to move in all 360 degrees while spacewalking. So you’ll have more angles to smash monsters to pieces.

Arkane Austin, the studio behind Dishonored and Prey, is trying its hand at an Xbox-exclusive 4-player co-op FPS a la Left 4 Dead. This time, the twist is that you’re in a world full of super-powered vampires. While this formula may be tried and true, hopefully Arkane will bring its unique immersive sim style of gameplay to the genre to give it a fresh feel.

Unholy is a first-person shooter and atmospheric psychological horror that has you exploring two parallel dimensions. A mysterious Eastern European town and a twisted world ruled by a ruthless clergy as you search for your child. The game will also feature a combat system where you use emotions to interact with the environment and deal damage to your opponents. It’s an ambitious twist on the genre that could prove unique.

Remedy Entertainment brings us back to the murky world of Stephen King-esque novelist Alan Wake in the long-awaited sequel to the psychological third-person horror game. Remedy’s last game, Control, featured a crossover with Alan Wake, connecting the two worlds. We’re definitely curious how this awesome universe will continue to expand with this in mind.

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