Alireza Akbari: Nephew speaks of anguish at execution of British-Iranian national – ‘I do believe it is a political game’ | World News

The nephew of a British-Iranian man hanged in Iran has expressed his shock, calling the execution a “political game”.

Iran’s official news sources reported on Saturday that the country’s former deputy defense minister Alireza Akbari Executed for spying for Britain.but did not say when the execution was carried out.

Ramin Forghani, a political science researcher at the University of Luxembourg, told Sky News that he had only good, kind memories of his uncle, and that the execution was a political game that caused his family terrible mental anguish.

Mr Forghani said he could not imagine how terrible his uncle’s immediate family must have felt, and he remembered how his relatives would visit each other during the Iranian New Year.

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“He was always smiling,” he said in a tribute. “He was always trying to help anyone as much as possible, family or friends, and that’s the memory I’ll carry on of him.”

Mr Forghani said it was an “absolutely terrifying” time for the family. “I can only imagine what a horrible time it must have been for my uncle’s immediate family, his wife and children,” he added.

Akbari, 61, served as a minister in the reformist government of Mohammad Khatami between 1997 and 2005 and left the country for Britain in 2008 after being briefly detained and on bail by the Iranians. He was later arrested again in 2019 and charged with spying for MI6.

Ali Reza Akbari was the former Deputy Minister of Defense of Iran.
Ali Reza Akbari was the former Deputy Minister of Defense of Iran.

Mr. Forghani said the allegations made no sense because his uncle had been involved with the Iranian government since its foundation, holding high positions in the government, and that we were dedicated to the country and its security at risk. Will do nothing to put.

“I believe this is a political game,” he said. “Will be [unthinkable] He should not attempt to endanger the country in any shape or form, nor the government. I cannot imagine his character as someone who would try to do something against the country. It’s not just digestion.”

Mr Forghani said the only reasonable explanation was that his uncle had political enemies who used the system against him. He said the executions were a violation of human rights and urged that pressure be maintained on Iran, adding that no one should forget other dual-citizen prisoners and those awaiting sentencing.

‘a barbaric act’

Prime Minister Rishi Singh said he was “appalled” by the execution, calling it “a cruel and cowardly act by a barbaric regime with no respect for the human rights of its own people”.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverley called it an “act of barbarity” that “deserves condemnation in the strongest possible terms… and will not go unchallenged”. He has banned Iran’s Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri.

He then tweeted that Britain would temporarily recall its ambassador from Tehran for consultations.

‘Victim of addiction and violence’

According to the semi-official Tasnim news agency, the Iranian judiciary claimed that Akbari was a “key spy” for the British government.

It said Iranian intelligence unmasked him by providing false information, and described him as “one of the most important infiltrators of the country’s sensitive and strategic centers”.

Mr Akbari claimed he was tortured and given mind-altering drugs and forced to confess to crimes he did not commit.

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