Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Postponed Until Valentine’s Day

Apex Legends MobileSeason 3.5 of Underworld Update (which Introducing the Revenant to the Mobile Legends lineup) was scheduled to end the following Tuesday, January 10, with Season 4 scheduled to begin shortly thereafter. But today, the game’s developers announced that Season 3 is being extended.

After thanking the players for a successful first year (the game won the competition in both Apple’s 2022 App Store Awards And 2022 Google Play Best of Awards), the developers explained that the season would be extended, but did not specify exactly how much. But a closer look at the game reveals the answer: Underworld Battle Pass is still set to expire on January 10th, but a look at Season Hub reveals that February 14th is the new end date for Season 3. – More than one month before its planned expiry date.

The fact that the end date for Season 3 has changed while the Underworld Battle Pass expiration date has remained the same suggests that the third Season 3 Battle Pass could be the same. This also happened at the end of Season 2, when a third, much smaller Battle Pass was released to hold players over until the start of Season 3. Instead of the standard 50 level pass.

The reason behind the postponement of Season 4 appears to be the same reason that Season 3 was postponed: the developers want more time to prepare for the upcoming season, complete troubleshooting and iron out any remaining bugs. There are some players. Take the news a little hardwhile others seem to agree that spending a little extra time fixing bugs and balancing issues is worth it Always a good thingAs the gap between season 2 and season 3 grew, the smooth start was smooth.

Abbreviation of season 2.75 Aftershow battle pass Differing From Standard Battle Passes in More Than Just Size – Unlike the Battle Passes of the Season 2 and Season 2.5 updates, Aftershow did not begin with the debut of a new playable Legend. The same could possibly be said for the upcoming (and currently unnamed) Battle Pass for Season 3.75. But on the off-chance players are Greeted with a new playable legend next Tuesday, they shouldn’t expect to see any new faces. We spoke to Respawn in October, when the developer made it very clear that all of Season 3’s Legends will be transplants. From the console and PC versions of Apex Legends. There’s no word on exactly when players can expect to see the new mobile-exclusive characters. Faded And Rhapsody Enter the fray, but it certainly won’t be before Season 4.

No further details about the potential Season 3.75 Battle Pass are known at this time, but players’ questions will be answered when the Underworld Battle Pass expires next Tuesday. Until then, any bored player looking for a challenge might want to quench their boredom by proving their mettle in Ranked Mode.

Apex Legends Mobile Available for download at Android And iOS Devices

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