Apple Is Reportedly Working On Less Expensive AirPods “Lite”

Apple is reportedly working on a new affordable version of AirPods to help them compete with cheap wireless headphones. AirPods “Lite” will be the fifth generation of AirPods for consumers to purchase.

According to one 9 to 5 Mac According to the report, AirPods “Lite” will be a “low-cost product,” which will help Apple compete with cheaper earbud brands. It is currently unknown what features the “light” may or may not have. The report suggests that the unannounced AirPods will likely cost less than the Airpods 2, which retails for $129.

It’s also worth noting that AirPods shipments are expected to drop to 63 million units this year from 73 million units last year. This may be due to the lack of demand for AirPods and Apple may not release new AirPods this year. Last year, Apple released the second generation of AirPods Pro with significant improvements, such as improved noise cancellation and a new charging case.

Apple currently sells four types of AirPods, ranging from $129 to $549. Below are all the AirPods you can do. shopping:

  • AirPods (2nd generation) – $129
  • AirPods (3rd generation) – $169
  • AirPods Pro – $249
  • AirPods Max – $549

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