Around 500 migrants crossed Channel to UK today | UK News

Around 500 people crossed the Channel from France to England today, according to Sky sources.

A group of people wearing life jackets and some wrapped in blankets were being brought onto a Border Force boat in Dover, Kent.

A record 45,728 made the crossing. On smaller boats last year, up 60 percent from the previous year.

Government figures show that 592 migrants have crossed the Channel so far this year, but this activity was only recorded on three days in January.

Some 1,339 made the trip in the first month of 2022.

A group of people aboard a Border Force vessel, believed to be migrants, are brought to Dover, Kent, after a small boat incident in the Channel.  Photo date: Wednesday January 25, 2023.

It comes after MPs heard that flights carrying migrants to Rwanda may not take place until later this year amid ongoing legal proceedings.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said the government still hoped to resume flights “as soon as possible”, but said it was “correct” to wait until the court appeals were concluded.

Asked when the government hoped to resume flights to Rwanda, Mr Jenrick told MPs: “As soon as possible. Obviously the government’s policy remains. And see that as a very important way to stop changing the business model. of people traffickers.”

Emigrants arrive at Dover, Kent
The migrants boarded a coach at the Immigration Processing Center in Kent.

High Court judges last month declared the policy legal, but efforts to introduce it have so far been dogged by legal action.

Mr Jenrick said “an appeal will be heard later this year” and added: “We look forward and hope, and expect, to once again defend the Government’s position as strongly as possible. Let’s assume we’ll get a similar result in the Court of Appeal.”

Asked to confirm whether the government was waiting for the appeal to be concluded before resuming any flights, he said: “Yes, it is correct that we are awaiting the outcome of the British courts. … Then obviously the government will decide how to proceed. Once we have a final decision.”

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