Asus Reveals The Raikiri Pro, An Xbox Controller With Its Own Mini-OLED Screen

Asus is entering the Xbox controller market in 2023 with a visually interesting piece of hardware. The Republic of Gamers Raikari Pro – or Lightning Blade if you recognize that word from the Naruto anime – has all the inputs you’d expect from an Xbox controller, but what makes this particular offering from Asus stand out. What it does is the 1.3-inch OLED display that has displaced the Xbox home button from its usual location.

Located just above your thumbs, the 128 x 40 mini display can be used to display custom animations, informational updates such as your microphone status, or tell you which controller profile you have active. You can also play animated wallpapers through it, and it will also be compatible with PC. It’s worth noting that Asus only mentions connectivity via USB-C for Xbox Series X|S consoles, so most of the Raikiri Pro’s features will be reserved for PC gamers.

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For this platform, there will be plenty of customization on offer. Buttons can be remapped, trigger dead zones can be fixed, and the Asus Armory app can be used for further tweaking. The controller also features a trigger lock, a circular d-pad, and four programmable rear buttons.

Asus also notes that the Raikiri Pro is the first Xbox-licensed controller to feature tri-mode connectivity, a combo of Bluetooth, low-latency 2.4GHz RF mode, and wired USB-C connectivity.

There’s no firm release date or pricing yet, but Asus is aiming for a Q1 release.

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