At least seven people dead in fire at casino and hotel in Poipet, Cambodia | World News

At least seven people have been killed and dozens injured after a fire broke out at a casino and hotel in western Cambodia.

The fire broke out at the Grand Diamond City Casino in Poppet City around midnight on Wednesday, the Commissioner General of the National Police said.

Just after 4am UK time (11am local time), police said the fire was out.

One Thai national was among the dead and 32 Thais were being treated in hospital, said Prania Phothisat, the governor of Thailand’s Sa Kyaw province.

Fifty-three people are injured and eight are missing.

Footage on social media showed guests dangling from windows or trapped inside the building, and city governor Kate Howell said firefighters and other emergency workers were trying to rescue people.

A fire broke out at the Grand Diamond City Casino in Poppet City.  Photo: John Sagan
John Sagan could see the fire from his workplace. Photo: John Sagan

John Sagan works at the Holiday Palace Hotel, which is behind the Grand Diamond City Casino.

He told Sky News he initially thought the fire was in his own hotel but was told by a colleague it was the Grand Diamond.

He said the fire appears to have started in the casino’s kitchen area.

“Around 2-3 am my boss asked me to get my staff out and then I left the office to see what happened.

“When I was out, I was shocked to see it burning.”

Mr. Sagan said there was a sky bar called G360 on the 17th floor of the Grand Diamond where about 40 or 50 people were trapped.

He also said that at least two people had died after trying to jump to safety from the burning building.

Fires in Poppet, Cambodia.  Photo: National Police, General Commissariat of Cambodia
Photo: National Police, General Commissariat of Cambodia

Cambodian authorities had requested help from Thailand, according to Thai PBS, which said five fire trucks and 10 rescue vans had been sent across the border.

Poipet is a city in the Bante Menche province of western Cambodia, which sits opposite Thailand’s more affluent city of Aranya Prat, and both places are centers of cross-border trade and tourism.

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