Australia helicopter crash: Surviving passenger filmed moment of fatal mid-air collision | World News

A new video has emerged made by one of the surviving passengers of a helicopter involved in a mid-air crash, showing the terrifying moment of impact and a passenger’s reaction to the pilot. Warning attempts are shown.

The video was captured by a tourist in the cockpit of one of two helicopters that crashed near SeaWorld on Australia’s Gold Coast. Four people were killed and three were seriously injured.

Shot by a passenger in the back seat, the 15-second clip begins with the camera panning around the windows from right to left, with the coastline not far away.

The man in the middle of the back seat points into the distance, then pauses for a moment with his hand in midair before tapping the pilot on the shoulder.

The tapping becomes increasingly frantic before the pilot’s chair grips the moment of impact.

The camera pans to the side as the second helicopter’s rotor crashes into their plane, shattering glass above the passengers.

The pilot was able to land the helicopter safely on a sandbar, with the occupants suffering minor injuries, mainly from the impact of the glass.

Two New Zealand couples, Elmery and Ryan Steinberg and Edward and Marl Swart, and another woman were on board the helicopter.

A statement from the couple said they were “absolutely devastated” by the crash, which “turned a 5-minute joy ride on holiday in Australia into a nightmare”.

It read, “Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the injured and deceased and their families.”

“We are thankful and lucky to have survived but very sad for those who lost loved ones and little ones and the mother fighting for her life in the hospital. Our hearts go out to them.

“We are grateful to everyone who ran to help, to every police officer and emergency services personnel who helped us with our immediate needs to keep us calm and make us comfortable.

“To our pilot who, despite all the chaos, landed the helicopter safely, keeping us and others safe. You are our heroes. Thank you so much.”

Four of the seven aboard the second helicopter, including the pilot, were killed. 36 year old mother And a British couple on holiday in Australia.

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