The annual Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 charity speed running marathon has come to a close, with the final total eclipsing the $2.6 million mark by the end of the event.

AGDQ 2023 officially raised $2,641,313 during the week-long event, with all proceeds going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This number brings the total amount raised during GDQ events to more than $43 million.

Four world records were set during the event, the most ever achieved at a single mega Games Done Quick event. The world record runs were as follows:

Other notable runs included. Super Mario Bros. 3 Run by MitchFlowerPower To finish the marathon, Metroid Dread Being completed in just an hour and a half, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Finished in just two and a half hours

The next Games Done Quick event is an all-female event. Frost Fatals Marathon Benefitting the Malala Fund 26th February to 4th March. The Summer Games Don Quique 2023 are scheduled from May 28 to June 4.

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