Battlefield 2042’s Class System Will Feature Weapon Proficiencies, Not Weapon Restrictions

DICE has officially given fans more details on how Battlefield 2042’s focus on a class-based system will work in the game’s upcoming 3.2 update, including information on its new weapon mastery system.

DICE made a new start. Blog post Outlining the changes, explaining how player feedback was instrumental in implementing the return of the class-based system in Battlefield 2042. At launch, DICE stated that many players found specialists, unique characters who each had a special ability or gadget, polarizing. This was a change from a familiar class-based formula for the series, and DICE said it quickly began assembling a team to analyze what could be changed and gather fan feedback. has started

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The result isn’t that Specialists are going away entirely, but that instead they’ll be grouped into the four classes that Battlefield fans know and love—Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon.

Unlike some previous Battlefield games, where certain classes could only use specific weapons, Battlefield 2042 will instead introduce weapon skills for each class. These act as an additional incentive for the class to use a particular type of weapon, but do not prohibit them from using other types of weapons.

Assault players, for example, will gain an extra ammo magazine when using an assault rifle, while support players using an SMG will enjoy faster draw times. The Recon class will naturally want to lean towards sniper rifles thanks to a constant, stable scope, and Engineers will benefit from better dispersion when using light machine guns when crouching or hunting.

DICE writes, “The purpose of weapon skills isn’t to dictate what you equip yourself with, but to encourage and recommend what might work best in this type of game. Bringing more class identity to those who enjoy the play,” writes DICE.

In a match, class icons will now appear above players’ heads, helping to identify what class the player is and what gadgets they’re bringing into a firefight. Some gadgets will be limited to a certain class of specialists, such as engineer specialists now being the only class with access to rocket launchers. This will result in a more balanced game, as the team will no longer have to plan around every specialist having access to every gadget. As a result, loadouts will now be per class, with each specialist within that role having access to those loadouts. DICE writes that existing loadouts will be wiped out when update 3.2 arrives and players will need to rebuild them from scratch. The update is coming later this month.

Battlefield 2042 began when it launched in 2021, resulting in Long delayed for the game’s first multiplayer season. Since then, it has continuously improved as DICE has implemented player feedback. Many game originals The launch maps have been dramatically redesigned. to feature more corps and better routes for infantry, and DICE has continued to add new maps, weapons, and specialists to the game since launch. Season 4 will introduce the ultimate expert of Battlefield 2042.which will be a member of the Recon class.

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