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Stadia Is Officially Dead - GameSpot
Google Studio, the cloud service once touted as the future of gaming, has officially shut down. Shutoff is the final nail in a service that had many interesting ideas, but ultimately failed to make a compelling...
Alec Baldwin charges are a sign that a criminal reckoning awaits him - but he remains defiant and even bullish | US News
It’s been 15 months since cinematographer Halina Hutchins was shot and killed on set in New Mexico. A friend of his, with whom he worked on the film Rust, told me that he is “praying for accountability”...
Marvel's Midnight Suns Deadpool DLC Gets A January Release Date And A New Trailer
A new trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Sons has debuted, showcasing Marvel’s favorite mercenary Deadpool in his fourth-wall-breaking glory. Available as part of the game’s first post-launch...
How to catch a Mafia boss - by a woman who does it | World News
After 30 years on the run, notorious mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro has been captured. A suspected leader of Sicily’s Cosa Nostra mafia, convicted in absentia of multiple murders, was eventually...
Secrets of Ulduar Launch Trailer (World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic)
Brave the depths of Ulduar as you prepare to face the horrors that unleash the madness within you. Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Secrets of Ulduar is now available. for more games Click here
China invasion of Taiwan would cause major blow to high-tech supply chain, warns boss of semiconductors firm | World News
According to the chief executive of one of the most important companies involved in making key semiconductor chips, if China attacked Taiwan, it would have a major impact on the global high-tech supply...
Blast your way through an alternate time and space and ruin Laufinen’s plans while you’re at it! Different Futures will include 3 new jobs, weapons and an additional recipe function to prepare...
A new Russian offensive appears to be imminent - that's why Ukraine says it needs as many tanks as possible | World News
It is the most important package of US weapons to Ukraine since the Russian invasion. The numbers are staggering – both financially and in terms of the pieces of military hardware that the Americans...
Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Teaser Trailer
Dead cells Released earlier. 10 May 2017 Continued Android iOS (iPhone/iPad) + 6 more Linux Mackintosh Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4 Xbox one Dead Cells puts you in control of a failed alchemy experiment...
Parents of boy, 6, who shot teacher say gun was 'secured' - as 25-year-old released from hospital | US News
The family of a six-year-old boy who shot and injured his teacher have said they have always been committed to responsible gun ownership and that the weapon he used was “safe”. Abigail Ziverner,...
Marvel's Midnight Suns Deadpool The Good, The Bad, and The Undead DLC Trailer
Expand your adventures with Deadpool in The Good, The Bad and The Undead, the first DLC for Marvel’s Midnight Sons. Deadpool joins the team as an in-your-face damage dealer with 10 unique hero abilities....
Castaway adrift in the Caribbean Sea for 24 days survived by eating ketchup | World News
A man lost at sea on a boat for 24 days says he survived by eating ketchup, garlic cloves and stock cubes. Alois Francois recounted how he “lost hope” while fleeing Colombia in the Caribbean...