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Parts of the US could see another 12 inches of snowfall as President Biden approves emergency help | US News
Parts of the US could get another 12 inches of snow after days of devastating blizzards that have wreaked havoc across North America – as New York’s governor warned: “We know the storm...
Our Favorite Games That Didn't Make Our Top 10
It’s impossible to fit every game we loved in 2022 into our top 10, which is why the GameSpot staff is here to highlight some of our personal favorites that they think deserve a little more attention....
Taiwan will extend length of compulsory military service amid growing pressure from China | World News
Taiwan is preparing to extend the period of compulsory military service from four months to one year, according to a senior government official. The official told Reuters the change was among a number...
Best Of 2022: God Of War Ragnarok's Twist On Norse Mythology Is An Excellent Subversion
Spoilers ahead for God of War and God of War Ragnarok “Baldur is blessed with invulnerability to all threats, physical or magical,” Memir tells Kratos and his son Atreus in 2018’s God...
Rohingya mother and daughter rescued after being adrift on boat for almost a month | World News
A Rohingya mother and her five-year-old daughter have been found among 200 people rescued after nearly a month on a boat in Indonesia. Mohammad Rizwan Khan, a Rohingya refugee living in a camp in Bangladesh,...
Best Of 2022: Grounded's Cute Aesthetic Masks One Of The Year's Scariest Games
When we think of the best horror games, or even the most popular, a certain aesthetic comes to mind: dark, grimy corridors; Wet, organic, but indescribable objects; Monsters that were once human but are...
Iranian chess players Sara Khadem and Atousa Pourkashiyan compete in international tournament without hijab | World News
Two Iranian female chess players have competed in an international tournament without the hijab. Sara Khadim and Atusa Pourkashian, who are playing in the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship...
Silent Hill Ascension Release Date, Trailers, And Everything We Know So Far
Among the Silent Hill projects currently in development–and there are many more, as we’ll detail further in this article–are the hardest to track down. Silent Hill Ascension. With only...
Serbia places security forces on Kosovo border at state of 'full combat readiness' | World News
Serbian security forces on the border with Kosovo have been put on “full combat readiness”. The order was given by Serbian Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic, who said he was following President...
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3: Everything We Know About The Final Installment Of James Gunn's Trilogy
The products discussed here were independently selected by our editors. GameSpot may receive a share of the revenue if you purchase anything featured on our site. Everything we know about Guardians of...
Zero COVID absolutely hammered China but rapid dropping of containment laws reveals extent of pressure it was under | World News
The latest changes in how China is classifying and responding to COVID19 are even more indicative that the government’s sudden and dramatic U-turn will not back down. It’s been less than three...
How The Steam Deck Is Changing Console Gaming
The Steam Deck is changing the way Kurt Andwina thinks about console gaming. for more games Click here