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The Concept Art Behind The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power
Image: Amazon While Amazon is big. Lord of the Rings While the show may not have been the success that anyone involved in bankrolling or promoting it was hoping for, there was still some good stuff, and...
Elon Musk Parody Accounts Suspiciously Suspended From Twitter
Screenshot: SNL Oh More numbersProfile, verified Consumers They have Twitter accounts. Suspended for last few days After apparently breaking, but not breaking, some new rules were established From the...
Race Question in Supreme Court Adoption Case Unnerves Tribes
Both the Navajo and Brackens appealed. A state appeals court ordered a new trial. Meanwhile, the federal case made its tortuous way through two levels of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth...
Is the Wood-Wide Web Real? Scientists Debate Whether Trees Really Talk.
Others, however, maintain that the vast wood web is on solid ground and believe that further research will confirm many of the hypotheses put forward about fungi in forests. Colin Averill, a mycologist...
Opinion | What’s at Stake in These Elections
But voters also need to consider the intentions of the party hoping to regain power. Republicans have offered few concrete plans to deal with issues like inflation, immigration and crime — and even if...
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