Bobby Kotick Donates To Republican Who Protested 2020 Election

Representative Mike Garcia

Representative Mike Garcia on the campaign trail
Image: Myung Jae Chun (Getty Images)

While it is common for prominent businessmen to donate to both sides of the political aisle, so whatever If an election is won, they can call some favours. As the Republican Party leans further to the right. Some of the supported candidates deserve a little more scrutiny than usual.

As Axis ReportsThe race for a U.S. House seat in California’s 27th District — part of the city of Los Angeles — is expected to be tight on Tuesday, with Rep. Mike Garcia winning by just 333 votes after the 2020 election. His opponent this week (as it was in 2020) is Democrat Christy Smith, and three wealthy donors have given Garcia $50,000 to support the incumbent.

One of those three donors is Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, who runs a company. Hired a Bush-era torture apologist And Trump administration “rogue”. “No other gaming executive has participated in a campaign of this size in this cycle,” Axis Reports clarifies, if you are wondering about the scale and context of this donation. While $50,000 is the legal limit for donations from an individual, Kotick has In the past, he has used work to donate large sums of money to Republican candidates.. In March, a spokesperson for Activision’s CEO said that he “It has given roughly the same amount to Democrats and Republicans over the past five years.

Garcia’s campaign, and his support of Kotick, deserve additional scrutiny because, like the Republican Party in 2022, he’s not just a conservative guy. Garcia, A Maga Bhaktawas one of 139 representatives who in January 2021, after witnessing the violence at the Capitol on January 6, Two states voted to challenge the results of the Presidential Electoral College.Protesting the Democratic election of President Joe Biden, and giving away what his “Silent support“Towards Rebellion.

I’ve been watching the Republican Party for almost two years. The gradual slide into a neo-fascist ditch has taken some of the sting out of it.But just take a second for the record that Activision Blizzard’s CEO spent $50,000 on Jan. 6 to support someone who opposes Trump’s impeachment.Followed strict restrictions on women’s reproductive health and freedoms.And he believes there was an FBI investigation into former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estateLiterally the tyranny of the majority at the moment which is acting like a third reich.

Kotick’s tenure as CEO has been marred by historic abuse allegations. sexual harassment, This has led to major lawsuits and government investigations at several of the company’s studios..

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