Draper wins NASA contract for farside lunar lander mission

WASHINGTON — NASA awarded a contract to Draper to ship three science devices to the far aspect of the moon by way of a business payload supply program. NASA introduced July 21... Read more »

NASA delays VIPER lunar rover launch by a year

WASHINGTON — NASA has delayed the launch of an ice-prospecting lunar rover by a yr to carry out extra testing of its business lander, the company introduced July 18. NASA mentioned it’s... Read more »

Masten delays first lunar lander mission

WASHINGTON — Masten House Programs is pushing again the launch of its first lunar lander mission by almost a yr, the newest in a collection of delays by corporations with NASA contracts... Read more »

Astrobotic selects Falcon Heavy to launch NASA’s VIPER lunar rover

WASHINGTON — Astrobotic has signed a contract with SpaceX for the launch of its Griffin lunar lander, carrying a NASA lunar rover, on a Falcon Heavy in 2023. Astrobotic introduced April 13... Read more »