China to target near-Earth object 2020 PN1 for asteroid deflection mission

HELSINKI — China has set its sights on near-Earth object 202 PN1 because the goal for a mixed asteroid deflection and remark check mission attributable to launch in 2026. The brand new... Read more »

Planetary science decadal endorses Mars sample return, outer planets missions

WASHINGTON — A research outlining priorities in planetary science for the following decade backs continued efforts to return samples from Mars whereas recommending NASA pursue missions to the planet Uranus and an... Read more »

NASA and Space Force cooperate on near Earth object data

WASHINGTON — NASA has hailed an settlement with the House Drive to share data on close to Earth object impacts as a key step ahead in planetary protection, even because the company... Read more »

NASA ready to launch DART planetary defense demonstration mission

WASHINGTON — NASA is able to launch its first mission dedicated to planetary protection, a spacecraft that may collide with the moon of a small asteroid to check the flexibility to deflect... Read more »