Activation has shared. Community Update of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2Announcing several big changes for Season 2. Players can expect all the usual seasonal content, plus significant balance changes, UI improvements, audio fixes, as well as updates to the overall stability and performance of both games.

Call of Duty season 2 update delayed by two weeks. Originally set for February 1, Season 2 was pushed back to February 15 to give developers more time to implement changes and make quality-of-life updates based on player feedback. These changes will affect Multiplayer, Battle Royale and DMZ.

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Warzone 2

As previously announced by Infinity Ward, 1v1 Gulag is coming back with Season 2.. Activision has now confirmed that the return of the more conventionally sized Gulag will also remove the Jailer NPC of Almezrah in favor of Warzone 1’s Overtime Domination-style Flagpoint. Season 2 will feature a modification of the current Gulag for better 1v1 combat, but the developer is actively working on a dedicated 1v1 map for future seasons. Victory Cash will now also be awarded to players to help them prepare for matches.

Players can expect changes to Warzone 2’s loot, inventory, and cash economy. Cash rewards for completing contracts will be slightly reduced, but land loot and cash piles from cash registers are increasing. Combined with the winning cash from Gulag, the blog post reveals that these economic changes are intended to “create faster, more consistent gameplay in resource acquisition.”

For faster loot, Warzone 2 is moving from the loot menu to floating loot that will now drop out of all containers in the world, similar to loot from supply boxes. Medium and large bags will no longer be available, and eliminated players will return to the ground instead of a bag full of loot. This also means that everyone will have the same bag throughout the game. Activision says these changes are aimed at improving gameplay speed to minimize time spent navigating the UI and get players back into the action faster.

In Season 2 players should have an easier time getting custom loadouts. The cost of loadout drop markers has been reduced slightly, so squads can get their full loadout faster. A second loadout drop public event has been added, which means drops will now occur on the first and fifth rounds of each match. The blog also teases that on extremely rare occasions, players can randomly find one while looting Almzrah. Season 2 will also introduce the ability to customize perk packages, so players will no longer be forced to choose one of the pre-set packages for a custom loadout.

Other changes mentioned for the upcoming season include changes to movement, buy stations, and strongholds.


Season 2 of DMZ will include a new Exclusion Zone location, giving players a third option to choose from when deploying to the DMZ. There will also be a group mission refresh to provide new missions in Al Mazra, Building 21, and the new Exclusion Zone.

Players can expect some tuning to mission and AI difficulties. Season 2 of DMZ will include balance changes to accommodate the types and number of AI spawns, and AI accuracy at range, and more. For mission difficulty, the adjustment will improve the difficulty scale of faction missions as the levels progress.

Additionally, DMZ crash issues were acknowledged. “We know that crashes in the DMZ are particularly impactful if you lose your items and prohibited weapons as a result. Resolving these crashes is a key focus for Season 2,” the publisher’s statement said. is a priority, and we are committed to increasing stability. Stay tuned for more details. This.”

Modern Warfare 2

As previously announced by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty’s hardcore multiplayer mode will return.. A competitive ranked play mode has also been confirmed for Season 2, but details on maps, modes and more will be revealed before launch.

A little more community engagement is coming to multiplayer. One week each month, Infinity Ward will create a Twitter poll for fans to vote on one of that week’s playlists from a rotating pool of playlists.

Additional multiplayer updates will include perk and weapon balance changes, and a Valentine’s Day-themed playlist has been teased.

Several quality-of-life updates are also coming to multiplayer, battle royale, and DMZ mode. Activision says Season 2 will include a number of UI changes to “improve the overall flow of game menus.” These updates include a more polished social tab, better navigation and organization of the camo menu, reticle preview in the store and gunsmith, and more.

Season 2 will also address global audio issues. These updates include fixing an issue with the audio filter that made it hard to hear some sounds in the game, as well as addressing an audio concern on PC. PC players will be given a new audio option to force the PC to stereo output.

Crash and stability improvements can be expected for the new season. “We are dedicated to improving the overall stability and performance of our games, including fewer crashes across all platforms and titles,” Activision said.

The publisher also said that more specific information about new features, maps, modes and more will be shared in the weeks leading up to Season 2. All rumors and leaks related to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2Including the possibly leaked Japanese theme of the season and the return of Ronan Operator.

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