CS:GO Pro Pulls Off Incredible One-Shot Kill During Major

I don’t see many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Professional match Or tournaments or whatever, but even I get it. Sergey “Ax1Le” RykhtorovAn amazing one-shot kill during a recent one CS: GO Incredible tourney. In fact, even if you’ve never played. CS: GO, it really is something to behold… assuming you can even see it! Ax1Le’s one-shot kill is so fast that most people watching forgot how cool it was when it first happened.

Valve’s wildly popular tactical shooter CS: GO For a while now, first released in 2012. In the decade since, the game has only grown as Valve continues to update it with new content year after year. And for most of this decade, Valve’s shooter has been one of the most popular sports games around. While there are many. CS: GO The tournament is organized by the most prestigious and popular Valve. The Major Championship, aka The Majorswhich pay millions in prize money and are extremely popular online. And it was during the most recent major event that Ax1Le pulled off his wild one-shot drop total.

erw1ce / valve

It went down yesterday, during a round five match IEM Rev Major 2022 Challengers stage on the Mirage map. CS: GO Pro and Cloud 9 team member Ax1Le was roaming around Bomb Site B as a terrorist. Suddenly, he saw two counter-terrorists and did what anyone would do in that moment: Jump out the window and snap an impressive, split-second one-shot tomorrow. With such a small margin for aiming error that on replay, it almost looks like he’s shooting through a wall. Well, maybe nothing. anyone will do…

The moment passes so quickly that at first the commentators were not really sure what had just happened. But after the round was over, a slow-motion replay helped better show just how incredible Ax1Le’s shot really was, and both commentators were screaming. “What!?” At the same time.

Sure, he died seconds after that cool shot, but his team won the round. CS: GO, so in the end it all balances out. And regardless of whether Cloud9 makes it to the finals — the tournament is still underway — he can always point to that incredible, one-of-a-kind shot and go, “That was me.”

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