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Don’t remember that CD Projekt Red lawsuit? I don’t blame you. Investors filed a lawsuit against the giant in 2020 — which somehow feels like yesterday and 10 years ago at the same time. At the time, investors claimed that Cyberpunk 2077’s small launch status was hidden from them, thus losing their money.

Now CD Projekt Red will pay the plaintiffs $1.85 million. The amount covers “settlement administration costs, taxes, attorney’s fees” and more for any investor who purchased CD Project Red stock between January 16, 2020 and December 17, 2020.

That’s a ton of money, but on the bright side, at least now CD Projekt Red has another piece of cyberpunk’s rough launch they can put behind them. The game has been back on the PlayStation for a while now, the next-gen versions have arrived, lots of great updates and fixes have been released and people love Netflix anime. Things are looking good. While the multiplayer component of the game was scrapped to focus on these improvements, Night City residents are getting a Phantom Liberty expansion this year. This will be paid DLC, but CDPR has not yet announced a price.

And while we’re on the subject of game prices, Kuntan Games’ Dr. Sarkan Toto believes the industry will see price hikes.

In an interview with, the analyst said fans should expect prices for games, hardware and subscriptions to rise as studios try to offset rising costs. Nintendo fans can rest assured, as Toto doesn’t believe its hardware prices are going north of where they are now.

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