A major overhaul of Destiny 2’s mod system is coming next month in the Lightfall expansion, and as part of those changes, flexibility will receive a slight nerf. Essentially an extra layer of armor for your Guardian, increasing this stat can give your build an additional 40% damage reduction. Bungie plans to limit flexibility to 30% from Lightfall, as the studio explained that these changes will adjust investment curves to offer greater value at lower levels.

“We’ve tuned the curve a bit. At the top end, Tier 10 Resilience will provide 30% damage reduction against fighters, but we’ve also smoothed out the progression, so at lower levels you feel “Without flexibility there will be more cost. As you have to max out at Tier 10 to get the benefit,” explained design lead Rodney Thompson. PC gamer.

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Considerable stat is still worth it in Destiny 2 after Lightfall goes live, as the 30% damage reduction is still better than that. no loss reduction. Survivability can also be increased by equipping the right Exotics, and Lightfall with custom loadouts and a new design. Access to seasonal sampling methodsgetting the right gear for the right situation won’t be too difficult.

Destiny 2: Lightfall launches on February 28, and ahead of its arrival, Bungie is sharing more details about how the game will change. Last week I saw a new look The secret Neptunian city of Pneumona And a breakdown of the new tools that patrons will have. Dealing with those pesky champions.

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