Does Germany sending tanks to Ukraine mean the US is open to sending their own? | World News

Generously, you would call the tank debate an evolution of ideas among Western policymakers.

Frankly, it is a defeat and certainly does not represent the united front that Western nations have striven for in this year-old war.

Ukrainians have grown accustomed to this style of Western indecisiveness.

It follows a now-familiar theme: Have an almighty row, say “no” and then agree. This is almost baked into the Ukrainian application lead time.

News from Berlin and Warsaw – that tanks may eventually go to Ukraine – suggests a move by the Americans.

Remember that the Germans had consistently said that they did not want it to be just their tanks fighting the Russians. (The British offering of a handful of Challenger 2s didn’t swing them.)

The Germans wanted American M1 Abrams tanks with their Leopards.

The Americans said no. Their tank is too big, it has fuel problems – it’s designed to work with jet fuel that’s not readily available on the Ukrainian frontline, it’s too heavy and a unique, complex supply chain. relies on. Remember, in war, the success of any army and its kit depends on a consistent, smooth supply chain.

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Will Germany send tanks to Ukraine?

The M1 Abrams is also highly sophisticated and full of manufacturing secrets, including composite armor consisting of hard-to-penetrate uranium meshing.

The battle tank is the spearhead of the army. If it is destroyed and left the wrong side of advancing enemy lines, its secrets are compromised.

It’s one thing for American troops to act and destroy their own destroyed tanks if necessary. Can they trust the Ukrainian soldiers who are doing this? This will be one consideration among many for Americans when considering their Abrams delivery.

Opinion has been divided in the American debate. “Why not just provide a few tanks, older less sophisticated models, to open the stalemate?” Some politicians and generals have asked.

Even the former British Prime Minister is such a staunch supporter. UkraineThe voice within

“Where does the Western world need to put tanks right now?” Boris Johnson ask.

“Protecting North Rhine-Westphalia? Protecting Tennessee? Encircling the villages of Wiltshire? So let me ask the question again: What plausible grounds can there be for delay?”

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The doomsday clock moves forward 10 seconds to midnight in the fury of the Ukraine war.

Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to Ukraine.

At the Pentagon, the interpreter would not be attracted, even as Berlin had the word of motion.

But Gen. Pat Ryder hinted at an announcement by talking about not wanting to “preview the announcement.”

And so expect news from Washington as early as today.

It will likely take some time for any American tanks to reach the battlefield.

This will allow time for training and addressing supply chain concerns. It could also provide room to find ways to reduce the risk of any valuable technology inside the tanks falling into Russian hands.

Of course, the perennial unknown: How will Putin react? Western tanks will change the picture in combat and its unpredictable redlines are a constant concern.

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