Former President Donald Trump has been sued by the partner of a police officer who was killed two years ago after the US Capitol riots.

Capital Police Officer Brian Skunk was attacked during that time. January 6, 2021 The coup, when Trump supporters stormed the building, and he died a day later.

The Washington, D.C., chief medical examiner ruled in April of that year that the 42-year-old died of natural causes after suffering two strokes.

However his partner, Sandra Garza, and her estate have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against him. Mr. Trump and two men who were involved in assaulting him, citing the examiner’s comments that “what happened” on January 6 “contributed to his condition”.

Officer Skunk was guarding the Capital’s Lower West Terrace when he was attacked with bear spray.

Two men, Julian Khatter and George Tanios, who have been convicted in connection with the attack, were also named in the wrongful-death lawsuit.

Order of Service from the funeral of Officer Brian Skunk
Order of Service from the funeral of Officer Brian Skunk

In the legal action, Ms Garza and Mr Skunk’s estate are seeking $10m (£8.4m) from Mr Trump and $10m from Khater and Tanios, claiming the former president “deliberately incited the crowd and Directed and encouraged. mobs to storm the US Capitol and attack those who opposed them”.

The suit says Mr Trump’s supporters believe his “be there, be wild” statement was a call to violence.

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It was that day, two years ago, when Congress was meeting to formally count the Electoral College votes and certify Joe Biden as the winner of the election, which Mr. Trump refused to accept.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Trump “made his final mark” by falsely claiming Vice President Mike Pence could block the vote and inciting the crowd with his rhetoric before ordering a march on Capitol Hill. .

Mr Skunk, a Capital Police officer since 2008 who previously served in the New Jersey Air National Guard, collapsed at 10pm on January 6, 2021 and died at 9.30pm the next day, the suit said.

Five people were killed and dozens arrested after hundreds of people stormed the home of American democracy two years ago after one of the most divisive presidential elections in years.

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