E3 2023: Everything We Know

E3 has been a staple of the games industry for decades, but it’s currently undergoing a massive transition. After a tumultuous few years with major publishers pulling out and plans disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ESA has canceled 2022’s E3. Months later, the ESA confirmed that E3 would return in 2023 with some big changes, including a new host.

Here’s everything we know about E3 2023, starting with a look at the events that got us here.

E3 is back in 2023.

After a three-year hiatus from live events, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 2023 from June 13-16, and will feature separate zones and days for industry and consumer events. .

The E3 Business Days, as they are known, are scheduled for June 13-15 and will be limited to registered industry members for networking, meetings and more. Media will also be allowed into industry-only areas with upcoming games, including one half of the LACC.

E3 Gamer Days–the portion of the event open to the public–will run on June 15 and 16 in the second half of the LACC, separate from the industry area. This will allow players to keep up with the same upcoming games as well as connect with developers, content creators and more. The area will also be open to industry members during their designated days.

E3 is back!
E3 is back!

In addition to the events on the show floor itself, there will be “partner digital events and showcases” before E3 2023 officially begins. These will launch on June 11, and reading between the lines it looks like this is a reference to standalone showcases from Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sony and more. Historically, these companies and others have held their own events prior to the official start of E3.

A new administrator

Since its inception, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has run E3, but ReedPop–the company that organizes PAX, NYCC, and Star Wars Celebration–is taking over in 2023. However, the ESA includes Red Pope.

“With the support and endorsement of ESA, we are going to create a world-class event to present the global gaming industry in new and broader ways than we already have at ReedPop with our own portfolio of world-leading events and websites. Doing it through the portfolio.” ReedPop said.

ESA is a lobbying group that represents the interests of video game companies in Washington, DC. People flew to the island state Stop trying to regulate loot boxes in video games.. The ESA also drew criticism when, in 2019, it accidentally leaked the personal information of video game journalists and other members of the media.

More to come.

With E3 2023 officially on the books for June 2023, fans can expect more news in the new year. In the coming months, we should know more about the show rundown and other important details specific to the main event and other related showcases. After all, the show is less than six months away!

What happened to E3 2022?

In late March 2022, ESA officially confirmed rumors that had been circulating that E3 2022 would be canceled entirely. It included not only an in-person event — which had previously been put on hold due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic — but also a digital component that served as a stopgap.

Even before the coronavirus hit, though, E3 was in a state of flux. Publishers such as Activision and EA withdrew in favor of their own events. In addition, ESA had begun allowing the public in, making it directly comparable to fan-focused events like PAX. This made the future of E3 in general somewhat hazy, as the show seemed to be changing from a business-to-business event covered by the press to something else entirely. What it would eventually become was the subject of much speculation.

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