EA Restores A Limited Number Of Madden Cloud Franchises, Others Lost For Good

EA has restored a limited number of Madden 23 cloud saves that were corrupted in December but has confirmed that others are completely lost and unrecoverable.

Since the launch of Madden 23 in August last year, many players have reported issues with the game’s franchise mode while others Saved data lost due to faulty cloud services.. Some players were kicked out of leagues due to the issue and although one was fixed on December 15, another issue surfaced a few days later. This bug made it so An unknown number of player-created leagues were permanently deleted.there is no way to bring them back.

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However, it looks like EA has finally been able to help some players with this issue. An email sent to selected players — via MillsTwitch on Twitter— Explained that Franchise Cloud Save corrupted some leagues during a 10-hour window on December 28th, the team began investigating and working to recover the missing leagues.

EA confirmed that it has determined that approximately 2% of the total number of existing leagues are affected, but “for those leagues that had access during the incident window, the majority became unrecoverable.” It’s worth noting that while 2% may seem low, it’s more likely that more players were disproportionately affected, as infrequent players are naturally less likely to log in during that time frame. Occurs in which the savings were damaged.

“Today, the team restored a limited number of franchise saves via backup,” the email reads. “Unfortunately, those are all available leagues that can be restored,” the email reads. “For players looking to restart their league, a Week 17 ‘Play Now’ live roster went live last week with another wildcard update now available as a starting point.”

Additional information provided in the email revealed the causes of the problem, “a highly unlikely set of common conditions that cause the file server’s storage capacity to reach maximum capacity, unused legacy code, access lags, and corruption.” does, while at the same time process errors are causing almost all available backups to be deleted in an attempt to correct the original problem.”

EA acknowledged that this shouldn’t have happened and is now working on a Commissioner Tools feature set for future Madden titles, giving franchise users more control over their franchises. Additionally, those affected by the issue will receive an invitation to access the Madden NFL 24 closed beta — only for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S — and all franchise players who lost the promotion. They will get a 50% discount on Madden NFL 24. .

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