Education minister Chris Hipkins set to replace Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand prime minister | World News

New Zealand Education Minister Jacinda Ardern is set to become the country’s next Prime Minister after her resignation.

Chris Hopkins, 44, was the only candidate in the running to replace Ms Ardern, who Last day at the office It will be on February 7.

He still has to win the endorsement of his Labor colleagues in Parliament on Sunday, but that is a formality.

Mr Hopkins rose to public prominence during the pandemic, when he took on a crisis management role.

He will have less than eight months in the role before contesting the October 14 general election.

Ms Ardern Suppressed the tears back As she announced to the country of five million people on Thursday that she was stepping down after five and a half years in the role.

He said he had “nothing left in the tank” and was able to sleep well “for the first time in a long time” after deciding to resign.

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He did not use the term “burnout.” Professor Sir Kerry CooperA leading psychologist and author of Burnout in the Workplace said she had no doubt that was what she was referring to.

Praising Ms Arden’s “relatively rare” honesty and openness, Professor Cooper said the impact of this kind of candor would be “very positive”.

Some political allies in New Zealand have suggested that Ms Ardern decided to quit for this reason. Level of abuse He achieved during his reign.

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