Elon Musk Parody Accounts Suspiciously Suspended From Twitter

Image for Essay Title Comedians, Actors &  Chiptune artist among those suspended from Twitter because Elon Musk has no idea what he's doing

Screenshot: SNL

Oh More numbersProfile, verified Consumers They have Twitter accounts. Suspended for last few days After apparently breaking, but not breaking, some new rules were established From the site’s newbie Owner, Elon Musk.

musk, Who bought a social media platform without knowing what to do with it, how to run it or even afford it.began its tenure last month. Celebrating the return of free speechQuick to remind one that the people most vocal about “free speech” are rarely interested in such a thing.

A major reason why his brief reign proved so unpopular—largely (Possibly illegal) layoffs, uncertainty over the cost of paid memberships and just typical divorced cow fights—this is promised in Twitter’s verification process, which allows public figures (and those who work with impersonations like journalism works in series) with a little blue tick next to it. their names. It’s a little thing designed to tell the public that you are in fact who you claim to be, but for brainworm reasons the freaks at Free Speech and MAGA have He has spent years obsessing over them, and has expanded a management feature into what he sees as a discriminatory, digital caste system.

Thus, one of Musk’s first orders of business as the owner of Twitter was to come up with the idea of ​​changing the current verification process—where Twitter manually verifies with your people/company that you’re actually you. .With a system where anyone can pay $8 for a blue tick. (A measure in which Delayed until after the US midterm elections.).

Because it’s such an incredibly stupid (and dangerous!) idea, many verified users have spent the past few days changing their usernames and profile pictures to the ones Musk himself used, clear and obvious. Examples of what is going to happen. Global validation process should be changed as such.

musk, Wildly over his head And spent the last few days flailing around. Like a substitute teacher who missed a class.tried to end the practice—just a taste of things to come!—earlier today when they said that “going forward, any Twitter handle without clearly defining ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended.” will be done”.

Popular Australian satire website Chaser Despite clearly following the rule and marking his account as a parody, he was one of the victims of the new guidelines, shortly after changing his account to resemble Musk. was locked down (he didn’t even change his name to ‘Elon Musk’, he changed it to ‘Elom Musk’).

However, his account has since been reinstated with the new name ‘Elon Musk Fondles Dogs’.

They are not alone. Ethan Klein have met with a similar fate. And Kathy Griffin. even Chipzel, who is not only a great chiptune artist but has also done soundtracks for games. Super Hexagon And Dicey Dungeonsfound His own account has been suspended today.He previously changed his name to ‘🌈Elon Musk “parody”, which again does not violate the rule as stated by Musk himself.

Update 11:59pm Chipzal has had an account. Kind of Restored, though with this warning page appearing before viewers can access his feed:

Image for Essay Title Comedians, Actors &  Chiptune artist among those suspended from Twitter because Elon Musk has no idea what he's doing

Screenshot: Twitter

Did both what Violation is visible a different It then hastily introduced the rule, which tries to prevent incredibly verified users from changing their display name (Tweets will always show two names, one display name that you can edit). and your real Twitter username, which you can’t). In a follow-up tweet, he says that “any name changes will result in a temporary loss of verified checkmarks”, given the frequency with which people do this.For everything from sporting events to Halloween to the holiday season– is incredibly funny:

Former NFL punter (and my box Commentator) Chris Clough Another verified user has been suspended., he also changed his profile picture and display name to match Musk’s (along with tweeting some mean stuff about Tesla cars). This is a great rule to try and stop people making fun of you on the internet!

If only Twitter had some kind of current verification process that could easily sort out which accounts were real and which were fake. Ah well!

It’s strange that all these accounts were locked down completely, instead of being temporarily de-verified as it clearly stated, but Half of Twitter’s staff was fired and the other half went broke. I guess the mix-up, the hastily implemented policy decisions, I don’t know what rabbit idea you actually got suspended and the billionaires are crying.I am not owned! I don’t own it.!!” are going to be the norm for the foreseeable future.

I’ve contacted Twitter to explain what rules the affected accounts broke, and I’ll update if they ever find out and contact me.

Update 2, 1:25am ET November 7: Here’s the notification another verified user received, spelling out the ways in which their account details were in violation of Twitter’s new rules, and the steps necessary to remove their suspension ( Basically delete Elon profile picture and name):

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