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The company has admitted that hundreds of seats on Eurostar trains from London to the Continent are being deliberately unsold to avoid long queues at stations.

A reduction in the number of border staff means passengers leaving St Pancras International are taking almost 30 per cent longer than before Brexit and the pandemic.

The delay also includes the post-Brexit requirement to stamp UK passports for outbound travel.

Eurostar train

The number of seats is now being restricted to stop. Barriers at stations.

The first daily services connecting London to Paris and Brussels can carry up to 900 passengers.

But 350 of these seats are deliberately not being sold.

Eurostar Operates the only high-speed trains that connect the UK directly to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel.

As well as London’s St Pancras, it also operates UK services from Ebbsfleet and Ashford in Kent.

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Gwendoline Cazenave, chief executive of Eurostar, said it was important that the first trains to depart were on time to avoid knock-on problems.

“If you delay the first train, you delay the second and then it’s a very bad customer experience,” he said.

“Our customers say it’s terrible.”

Eurostar trains at St Pancras
Eurostar trains at St Pancras

Travelers are being urged to arrive up to 90 minutes before their departure so they have enough time to get through border checks, which are three times longer than before the pandemic.

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