Final Fantasy XIV 6.3 Trial Guide

Final Fantasy XIV 6.3’s new trial is called Mount Ordeals. This is a level 90 dungeon that takes place right after the dungeon of 6.3 Pencil eraser. In Mount Ordeals, the Archfiend Rubicante challenges players to a fiery ordeal. So far, Golbys has been a primary theme of all the main chicken villains, and Ruby Kent’s weapons of attack are based on fire. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock and beat the new trial

How to Unlock FFXIV 6.3 Trial, Mount Ordeals

Follow the Main Scenario Desires Untold quest, and you’ll find Rubicant waiting for you in Thavenir. You will also need a minimum average iLVL of 595.

Mount Ardales Guide

Phase 1

Hell: Party-wide AoE. Heal and shield.

Purification test (first time): Rubicante covers the platform in a red outer ring and a purple inner ring. Blue rope-like lines stretch across the field. Notice that along one of the blue lines, an orange flashing marker appears. Players must approach the end point of that particular blue line on the outer edge of the platform. Players have 10 seconds to not move. After 10 seconds are up, the blue triangle AoE bordered by the orange line will be up and the corresponding cone-shaped AoE will activate. This mechanic will repeat twice, and the active blue line (represented by the orange outline) will change a second time.

Arc Inferno: Rubicante starts casting Arch Inferno with two large circular AoEs on either side of the platform. When you see this, get ready to move. In a clockwise direction, Rubicante will continue to cast multiple overlapping AoEs one after the other. In response, players must continue to move clockwise, following the tail end of the previously triggered AoE.

  • Rubicante will also cast other AoEs simultaneously, such as Conflagration (a red AoE right in the middle of the field) and Radial Conflagration (a deep orange radial AoE). Radial conflagration and conflagration have cast bars–so you’ll know when they’re off.

Purification Trial (Second Time): This is the same case as the first case of the Ordeal of Purgatory. Only then, notice the arrows moving around the Rubicont rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise. This means that when Ordeal of Purgatory is triggered, the purple inner ring rotates forward or backward one “piece” depending on the direction of the arrows. A new blue line will then be marked by an orange marker. Note that the orange marker does not rotate. It is the inner purple ring that is moved by the arrows.

This may seem confusing at first, but for this mechanic–you can totally still go the “original” route (pre-rotation), and, ahem, almost ignore the rotation mechanic. . As long as you stand far enough on the edge of the platform, and close enough to the new line, you won’t be hit by the triangle AoE. Again, Rubicante will perform another round of the Order of Purgation, with the arrows usually going in the opposite direction of the first set of arrows.

The steps include: Rubicante will jump to the outer edge of the platform, and four aids will appear. Rubicante is currently invincible, so the party should focus on killing Adds.

  • Rubicante’s Power, Energy Meter: All aids must be turned off before filling the energy meter.
  • Terrible touch: During the surge phase, Rubicante will also summon multiple AoEs on the platform. This will continue throughout the Adds phase until you eliminate all the Adds. Heal and protect against party-wide damage through the power of Rubicante.
6.3 Trial Boss: Rubicante
6.3 Trial Boss: Rubicante

Phase 2

Rubicante makes a change and the second half of the fight begins.

Inferno (second time): Rubicante has a circular AoE on each party member. Spread to avoid overlapping damage.

Flamrick: Rubicante calls for a golden compass whose needle spins very fast. Near the end of the cast bar, the wheel slows down–and a huge central AoE bar will appear in the direction the needle will land when cast. The tricky part is that, right after that main AoE ends, a cascading of main AoEs will go from either side of the main one.

Pay attention to the last few seconds of Flamerake and move quickly on either side of the last needle. However, don’t go too far: you’ll want to stay close to the edge of the AoE at first. After the first AoE is gone, move into the middle space to avoid the second and third AoEs.

Soulscad: Rubicante attaches an AoE bar to each party member. Spread to avoid overlapping damage. Soulscad deals a lot of damage, so healers should try to heal any party members damaged during Flamerake before Soulscad goes.

Double Fire: Both tanks have a huge triangle AoE attached to them. Tanks should spread out and avoid hitting the rest of the party with AoEs.

Sweeping: A stack marker is placed on a random party member and simultaneously, half of the platform is covered in AoE. The party should move to the exposed half of the platform and stack to share the damage.

After all, these are mechanics players have already seen. He’ll go through Ordeal of Purgation, Inferno, Arch Inferno, Flamerake, Soulscad – and once you get to that point, Rubicante should be pretty close to death.

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