Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Exclusivity Only Runs Six Months

Clive is gearing up to upgrade his gaming rig ahead of the PC release.

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After the latest series of Information dump And InterviewsSony may have let the biggest news slip: Final Fantasy XVI There will only be one PlayStation 5 exclusive for six months. PC owners rejoice.

That’s according to a new PS5 “Play Like Never Before” sizzle reel posted on YouTube ahead of the 2022 season. As seen. Wario 64one section includes a subtitle that reads, “Final Fantasy XVI Expected summer 2023. PS5 exclusive for six months. It looks like the game could arrive on PC via the Epic Games Store or Steam by late 2023, or more likely early 2024. It is unclear if this means the Xbox Series X/S version. There may be a possibility down the line.

Final Fantasy VII The remake followed a similar path. While the PS4 version of the game remained a Sony exclusive, the PS5 version made it to the Epic Games Store six months later, almost to the day. Before, Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts III Both took a year or so to hit the PC. There is reason to believe that. Final Fantasy XVI Bringing it to PC sooner would also be a relief to fans who haven’t been able to get their hands on Sony’s hard-to-find new-gen console yet.

Of course, trailers have been wrong about the PS5 feature before. Oh Demon spirits A remake trailer in 2020 claimed that the game, originally a PS3 exclusive, would be coming to platforms other than the PS5. Sony Later corrected the record, attributing the error to human error. Two years later, the game has not been ported anywhere else.

Sony and Square Enix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Final Fantasy XVIDeveloper ofs has already confirmed that the game is already out. 95 percent completewith a final release date expected to appear alongside a new trailer before the end of the year.

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