First Trailer For Next Stephen King Movie Coming This Weekend

Add another film to author Stephen King’s impressive filmography, as he revealed that the first trailer for The Boogeyman will be revealed during this weekend’s NFC Championship Game. The film will be based on a short story that King wrote in the 1970s.

King revealed the premiere date for the Boogeyman trailer – Sunday, January 29. On Twitter. The writer added that it will air sometime during the NFL matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the San Francisco 49ers on Fox. The game starts at 3 PM ET/Non PT.

The Boogeyman is based on a 1973 short story by King, first published in a magazine titled Cavalier. The author then included it in his 1978 collection Night Shift. It is about a father following and killing his young children.

The film adaptation will apparently focus on a 16-year-old girl and her younger sister. Host filmmaker Rob Savage is directing The Boogeyman, which was planned for Hulu but will now be released in theaters. The Hollywood Reporter.

The horror film is slated to premiere on June 2. The Boogeyman will star Madison Ho, Vivian Lyra Blair, David Distamalchian, Chris Messina, Sophie Thatcher, and Marian Ireland.

As for King, he has other notable movie and TV adaptations in his work-in-progress. For example, His recent book Fairy Tales has already landed him a film deal with director Paul Greengrass.Known for the Bourne series and Captain Phillips. And The Haunting of Hill House’s Mike Flanagan takes a crack at The Dark Tower..

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