Fish-Controlled Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Stream Ends In Credit Card Fraud

YouTube streamer Mutekimaru channel He was forced to take care of some serious business last week when his streaming partners — a tank full of minnows — decided to use their credit cards to make a few purchases while playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. . Yes, you read that right.

“Fishing Scam” was first reported by Surah News 24Who told how the whole ordeal happened. You see, over the past few years, the Mutekimaru Channel backwater has made a name for itself with its fish-dominated streams. These streams work thanks to a rig developed by Mutekimaru Channel that monitors where the fish are swimming and assigns each part of the tank with a corresponding button. So, as the fish swim, they also “play” the game.

During a recent Pokemon stream, however, things got out of hand when the game suddenly crashed while the streamer was out of the house, giving seafarers full access to his Switch. Although usually only one fish is allowed in the stream at a time, some friends join aquatic Pokemon enthusiasts to swim in the playground and engage in some light, accidental credit card fraud. I didn’t take long.

Fish quickly accessed the Nintendo eShop app where they redeemed a few prizes Mutekimaru hadn’t yet claimed, bought a Nintendo Switch Sports Cosmetic, downloaded the Switch’s Nintendo 64 emulator, and among us Read user license agreements more often than not. our whole life. After a while, Fish decided to call it a day and turned off the console.

According to Mutekimaru, he first knew something was wrong when he started receiving emails from Nintendo thanking him for his purchase. Mutekimaru is shocked to discover the fish — along with a little help from multiple, game-crashing bugs from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet — were behind the security breach. Despite the brief panic (and the window of time where his credit card number was displayed), Mutekimaru said he found the episode incredibly funny. The streamer later took to YouTube to upload a video of the entire incident with funny captions, a look at the emails he received, and a very strange refund claim he filed.

Be sure to watch these events in the video below and remember to always be present when you let your fish drift.

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