Forspoken Preorder Guide: Get A Free Steelbook Case

After numerous delays, Square Enix’s upcoming action-RPG Forspoken is almost here. Releasing on PS5 and PC on Tuesday, January 24th. If you’re interested in Forspoken, there’s still time Pre-order a copy for launch day delivery.. In addition to the physical edition for PS5, you can pre-order a digital copy for PS5 or PC. Alternatively, you can splurge for the Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with a bunch of extra in-game content. Regardless of which version you pre-order, you will receive pre-order bonuses. Best Buy is even offering. Free steel book case for pre-orders.

Four Spoken is an action RPG set in a vast fantasy world called Athia. Players control Frey, a young woman who is magically whisked away from modern-day New York City without warning. Not only is Frey thrown into a strange land, she also gains special abilities thanks to a magical sentient bracelet on her arm called a “Cuff”. Players use Frey’s powers to navigate vast landscapes with parkour-like traversal mechanics, throw down hostile creatures, and hopefully prevent a world-ending crisis that threatens the world of Athea. .

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