Hideo Kojima Still Being Harassed Over Silent Hill Conspiracies

Hideo Kojima smiling on stage.

Image: Charlie Trebello/AFP (Getty Images)

Yesterday, Hideo Kojima went on his wing Spotify Podcast To discuss the controversy surrounding Blue Box Game Studios. He said fans are still harassing him over baseless rumors that he’s working on a new Silent Hill game, and that he’s not affiliated with the studio. Today, the developers thanked Kojima for publicly denying the rumors, perhaps because they’ve had their share too. Death threats from angry fans. It turns out, not all publicity is good publicity.

It all started. last year When Blue Box Game Studios tweeted a teaser of their current game project. orphan, A horror game for PlayStation 5. It was so secretive that it led many fans to believe they were working on the next one. silent hill The game’s Kojima connection came later, when fans realized he shared the same initials as the game’s director, Hassan Kahraman. This coincidence, together with Kojima Tweet which included the words “silent” and “mountain”, some concluded that the two directors were one and the same. It didn’t help that Kojima had done it before. Invented a fake studio to joke Solid metal gear Community. Public anticipation ran wild over the rumor that the protagonist had to reveal his face to prove he wasn’t Kojima. Still, that didn’t stop people from doing it. Sending death threats At Blue Box Game Studios. my box reached out to ask if the studio was still issuing death threats, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

Although Kojima was not responsible for what happened, he is still reeling from the incident. “Customers keep sending me pictures of this beauty. They still send me collages and deeply fake photos. Like 20 a day. It’s really quite disturbing,” he told Geoff Keighley on the Structure of the Mind podcast. “This has been going on for almost two years. [sic] now.”

As disappointing as it may be for him, Kojima doesn’t appear to be bothered by what happened on Heroine. “Now that there’s a buzz and things go viral, you have to take advantage of that. If you create something good and share it with everyone,” he said. “Fake news is a bad thing. . But now that we’ve both gotten the attention from all of that, let’s cheer up and make something good.”

Today, Blue Box Game Studios thanked Kojima for speaking out about the controversy. He also assured fans that the game is still in development.

gave for the last time We have heard Abandoned., it seemed like there was a pretty good chance the game was abandoned… but as long as the game is stuck in publicity limbo, Kojima will likely keep getting weird emails about the guy who He never met. So for both of their sakes, I hope so. Abandoned. Coming soon to PlayStation.

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