Japan to offer families £6,394 per child to move out of Tokyo | World News

Japan is set to offer families up to £6,394 per child to move out of Tokyo as part of efforts to combat population concentration in the capital.

The Japanese government believes that creating a greater balance between urban and rural living will improve the economy.

Although it has declined slightly in recent years, the Tokyo metropolitan area is very densely populated, with about 37.1 million residents, about a third of the country’s total population.

A tripling of the current 300,000 yen (£1,918) per child for relocating families, the fresh incentive comes on top of the maximum 300,000 yen (£19,188) in basic financial aid already available, according to media reports.

During the current fiscal year, approximately 1,300 municipalities participated in the relocation support program.

Families must live in a participating municipality for at least five years during employment to qualify for payments.

If they leave less than the required time, they will be asked to return the money.

The latest move comes as Japan also grapples with problems posed by an aging population.

Last year, for the first time, people over the age of 75 accounted for more than 15 percent of the country’s population, according to government data cited by local media.

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