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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says he wants to “rapidly” expand the country’s nuclear arsenal.

At a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party, Mr Kim said “tremendous military power” was needed to defend the national interest against threats from countries such as South Korea and the US.

He said the two countries were trying to “isolate and suppress” North Korea, with US nuclear assets deployed in South Korea – a situation “unprecedented in human history”.

The official Korean Central News Agency quoted Mr Kim as saying: “The current situation calls for redoubled efforts to strengthen military force, in response to alarming military maneuvers by the US and other hostile powers.”

He described South Korea as “our undisputed enemy”, adding that it is “obsessed with developing unwise and dangerous weapons”.

“It highlights the importance and necessity of mass production of tactical nuclear weapons and calls for an extraordinary increase in the country’s nuclear arsenal,” he added.

“We have declared our firm willingness to respond with nuclear for nuclear and all-out confrontation for all-out confrontation.”

The 38-year-old called for developing new intercontinental ballistic missiles and launching the country’s first military satellite “at the earliest possible date”.

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Sirens sound in Japan as North Korea fires missiles.

It came hours after a ballistic missile was fired over the sea east of the Korean Peninsula in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Pyongyang also launched three ballistic missiles on Saturday, completing a year of a record number of missile tests.

Speculation is mounting that it might. Preparing to test a nuclear weapon for the seventh time.

Relations between North and South Korea have always been strained, but they have worsened since Yoon Suk-yul took over as South Korean president, pledging to take a tougher stance against Pyongyang.

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