LittleBigPlanet Spin-Off Ultimate Sackboy Releases In February

Sony is bringing back its iconic LittleBigPlanet star Sackboy for a new mobile game, which will be released on Android and iOS on February 21st. Called Ultimate Sack Boy, the game is a 3D runner similar to Sonic Dash and features an animated bundle. Yarn is taking part in the Ultimate Games, the craft world’s biggest obstacle course challenge.

“Slide, dodge and weave past classic Sackboy enemies, outrun your rivals to win cool prizes,” Reads the description of the game., which is being developed by UK and Malta-based studio Exient. Ultimate Sack Boy will also feature head-to-head competitions in the form of “Daily Duels” that will reward players with prizes. On the cosmetic side, the game will be updated with clothing combinations and a growing catalog of gear to dress up your personal Sackboy.

This is not the first time Sackboy has appeared on mobile devices, as in 2014, he appeared in Run, sack boy! Run! on mobile devices, which was later ported to PS Vita in 2015. This latest game based on a PlayStation property is another example of Sony’s push to diversify its gaming brand beyond its core console and onto other platforms. 2022 was a big year for PC ports of PlayStation games, with Insomniac’s Spider-Man games, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, and God of War arriving on the platform.

For mobile games, Sony started laying the groundwork in 2021. To focus more on this market. Former Apple Arcade content boss Nicola Sebastiani was hired to head PlayStation’s new mobile division in July 2021, and in October 2022, PlayStation Studios boss Hermann Holst stated that the company was “trying to buildMore investmentIn PC, live service, and mobile games.

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