Mass Effect Fans Decipher New Clues About Shepard And Andromeda

Concept Art Teases Mass Effect Relay's Return

Image: Bioware

Why release a new one? Mass effect Trailers when you can only send fans down a plot hole. With a brief flirtation Instead? BioWare today released its latest salvo of clues for the upcoming sci-fi RPG, including ambient video of a new massive relay, giant space stations that shoot ships around the galaxy. Is. There are nods to the ship from the original trilogy, the Normandy, the villain group Cerberus, and more. Strap on.

Last N7 day we got only one picture. This time we’ve got a full 25-second clip of the massive effect relay created in space with fully immersive noise and mysterious repeating sounds. “You have a lot to find in it.” Tweeted Project Director, Mike Gamble. “Good luck, investigator!”

The fans got it. A first taste of what’s next Mass effect From a teaser trailer shown at The Game Awards 2020. In it, Liara from the original trilogy portrays an icy planet with destroyed Reapers in the background and comes across a piece of armor that belongs to series protagonist Commander Shepard.

It also included a shot of both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, which Gamble said was an intentional reference, implying that the new game could be a sequel to both. Mass effect 3 And Andromeda. This and subsequent teases have fueled fan theories about everything from time travel (Andromeda (takes place hundreds of years later) Shepard is still alive.

so what is Fans got it by now In the latest video? Well, for starters this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this massive relay. It was originally revealed in a 2020 BioWare Art Book which included other pieces of the project teasing concept art for the next Mass Effect. “MR7” means it’s the seventh mass relay under construction, and the paint color refers to the human supremacist group Cerberus as the architect.

A ship hovers in the bottom right corner of the screen. Is this the Normandy of the original series, or possibly the Tempest of Andromeda? Or maybe it’s “Clay captain” The ship shown in last year’s teaser investigates a geth remnant. You can also create a fade in motion on the screen around the six second mark. Some fans speculate that this is the Normandy because it was the only ship to have cloaking technology.

Then at the bottom of the screen are the numbers: 11_07_90_000_1000-2013313. One interpretation is that the footage is from the year 2190, which would place it just four years after the Reapers were destroyed. The original trilogy. 314, meanwhile, may be a reference to Relay 314, whose discovery sparked the first Contact Wars. Mass effect 1, and leads to the creation of Cerberus. The file title also suggests that the footage was intercepted, implying that it may have been overseen by the Systems Alliance, the galactic governing body from the original trilogy.

A fan tried. Clean up the audio in the clip. and reaches a recording of what appears to be Liara saying, “Of course, the Council will be furious. Although they should know by now not to underestimate.” The conversation continues, apparently interspersed with voices from the Geth, but the rest is hard to make out. Still, it seems the Council, the Systems Alliance governing body, is still intact, and thus the aftermath of the Reaper attack leaves the galaxy in a state of chaos. Not sent into a new dark age of sorts.

Concept art shows a crew in search of the Gath.

Image: Bioware

A big question from the next one Mass effect It was revealed how both the original trilogy and Andromeda could be tied together since there is a gap of about 600 years between them. How long did it take for the colonists to reach the new galaxy and start exploring without a mass relay to help them travel? It’s possible that the new game could simply launch at this new, much later date. Although Liara is in the first trailer, the Asari can live to be over 1000 years old. Time travel is another possible answer, given that the entire series is based on faster-than-light travel through the manipulation of mass and energy.

Another big question is whether Shepard is actually still alive. There is now overwhelming evidence that the canonical is dying out. Mass effect 3 is where the player destroys artificial life and massive relays. One last scene Shows someone hesitantly naming Shepard on the memorial, and later cuts to the Normandy’s captain panting. Between Liara apparently discovering Shepherd’s old armor on Earth, and the new game possibly taking place right after the end of the trilogy if the 2190 date is to be believed, maybe everyone’s favorite space warrior isn’t so dead after all. . Earlier this year, a piece of chili on the BioWare store literally said as much, but Gamble quickly clarified that this was a mistake.. Hmmm.

Whatever the case may be, fans will have to wait a long time to see where all the hints come from and which theories actually come to fruition. BioWare confirmed this while developing on the next Mass effect Moving on, it’s still very much in pre-production. We don’t even have a release date. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf As of now, which the studio has been working on since 2018. Anthem. In the meantime, fans will have to be content to plumb its depths. Mass effect Wiki

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