Microsoft Reveals New Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5 Bundle, Preorders Live Now

If you’re a serious Forza Horizon fan and still need an Xbox Series X console, Xbox is releasing an Xbox Series X – Forza Horizon 5 bundle for $560. The set includes an Xbox Series X and wireless controller, Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition with Hot Wheels expansion, VIP Pass, Car Pass, Welcome Pack, and other future expansions.

Pre-orders are now live on the Microsoft Store. The bundle will also be available at other retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and GameStop at a later date.

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Xbox Series X – Forza Horizon 5 Bundle ($560)

The Hot Wheels expansion includes 10 new cars. The VIP Pass includes three exclusive Forza Edition cars, Crown flares, cosmetics, emotes, player houses, double credit race rewards, weekly bonus SuperWheel spins, and more.

Car Pass provides players with a spacious garage and includes 42 cars. The Welcome Pack – amazing – gives even more cars. Players get five special cars, a player house, any auto show car, and three common or rare clothing items.

A second expansion is planned for the future, but no date has yet been announced.

The bundle is available for pre-order now and will ship this week to customers in the US, Canada and select countries in Asia. Europe, Latin America, and other countries will see bundles shipped later this month.

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