New Tencent MMO Tarisland Is Already Being Called A WoW Clone By Fans

Chinese gaming company Tencent recently unveiled its new MMORPG Tarisland, and it didn’t take long for fans to notice that it bears more than a passing resemblance to Blizzard’s own. The world of gaming.

Like WoW, Tarisland looks like a fantasy MMO with an exaggerated, more cartoonish art style. There are paladins, mages, dragons, elves who belong to the color purple who live in a giant tree, and more. This, of course, wouldn’t be enough to justify the clone label, but a closer look reveals that many of the game’s characters and environments are freely borrowed from WoW. The designs of the game’s elementals, dragons, airships, and even some of the game’s playable classes and races, in particular, all appear heavily influenced by Blizzard’s signature style.

Currently running: Tarisland – Reveal Trailer (Chinese MMO)

The game’s announcement trailer even features a dragon that’s strikingly similar to WOW’s Deathwing landing on top of the city walls, in a scene that’s eerily reminiscent. Wow: Cataclysm cinematic. Tarisland even looks to include Dragon Riding, the big new WoW feature that just debuted as part of the game’s well-received run. Dragon Flight Expansion.

Because of this there is a large number of WoW content creators and fans. Wow subreddit Calling out Tencent for its lack of originality. Twitch streamer MrGM posted an announcement trailer for the game. Twitter, stating that “This new game from Tencent looks very familiar.” Even this tweet drew one. Reply From Chris Matzen, one of the fathers of WoW, who recently announced He will rejoin the WoW development team as a creative consultant..

Tarisland’s announcement comes as Blizzard game services in China, including WoW, are set to shut down on January 23. Ending 14-year partnership between Blizzard and China’s NetEase Games. Blizzard is currently looking for a new partner to publish its titles in China, but has recently been offered one. NetEase meanwhile extended its current contract by six months. The offer was rejected by NetEase, citing unfair and inequitable treatment. Blizzard will allow. Chinese WoW players to download their character data To protect until game services resume in the market.

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