Nobody Saves The World Impossible Dungeon Update Marks The Game’s 1st Anniversary

Drinkbox Studios’ latest release, Nobody Saves The World, is approaching its first anniversary, and to celebrate, the team is rolling out a new Impossible Dungeon update to all players today.

The update adds a new challenge called The Impossible Dungeon, located in the Alchemist’s Gorge section of the map. In the carnival-themed “endless” dungeon, players will face increasingly intense combat situations as they progress through each floor, while also trying to finish each floor within the time limit.

A new look at the dinosaurs in action
A new look at the dinosaurs in action

Completing the Impossible Dungeon will earn players the Dino Plushy item, which they can transform into a new Dinosaur form for the rest of the game. The dinosaur can attack multiple enemies at once with a single bite, fire purple blasts from its mouth for maximum damage, and slash its claws in a circle for AoE damage. can The dinosaur will also come with its own unique quest to complete once unlocked.

Drinkbox has also announced that Nobody Saves The World will be on sale to commemorate the game’s first anniversary, including a 40% discount on Steam via the Steam Daily Deal – the lowest price the game has ever seen.

Nobody Saves the World is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The Impossible Dungeons update is also now available as a free download for all formats.

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