Nvidia Announces That GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Service Is Coming To Select Cars

Teslas aren’t the only cars you can play games in anymore. Nvidia announced that select cars will support the GeForce Now cloud gaming service, which means you can get the full PC experience in your car.

Hyundai Motor Group, which includes Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, will support GeForce Now, as well as BYD, a company that supports NEVs, and Polestar. Drivers can play games in the front screens while parked, and users can play at any time if there are rear screens. Players can stream from various PC storefronts, such as Steam, The Epic Games Store, and GOG.

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Along with the GeForce Now integration with the vehicles, Nvidia also announced that the RTX 4080 is also coming to GeForce Now for those with an Ultimate membership. That means you get 240 frames per second, full ray tracing, and DLSS 3 for games that support it—like Portal with RTX.

“NVIDIA’s Ada architecture is a giant leap forward in graphics quality, and with GeForce NOW we’re bringing the RTX 4080 experience to more devices and more gamers than ever before,” said Geoff Fisher, senior vice president at GeForce. ” “GeForce NOW Ultimate members will have the technology and performance to experience even the most demanding games in their full-ray glory.”

Tesla recently Steam integration supported Back in December, it became possible to play Steam games on some Model S and X vehicles.

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