Opinion | Don’t Believe Lee Zeldin When He Says He Can’t Touch Abortion Access in New York

There’s something odd about this argument: As Assemblywoman Deborah Glick pointed out to me, Zelden is telling pro-choice New Yorkers that we can trust the Legislature to protect us from it. And while it’s true that Zeldon won’t be able to ban abortions anytime soon, there are a number of things, aside from making abortions illegal, that the governor could do to make them harder to obtain.

Zeldin’s strategy is similar to that of Christine Drazen, an anti-abortion Republican. Decent opportunity Running in her race to be governor of Oregon. Both are trying to use Democrats’ success in passing state-level abortion protections against them, arguing that the laws trump their personal opposition to abortion.

“I will not and cannot change New York’s abortion law,” Zelden said In an ad, while Drazan told Oregon Public Broadcasting that “Roe has been amended into Oregon law. Regardless of my personal opinion on abortion, as governor, I will follow the law. But when it comes to reproductive rights, the letter of the law is the only thing.” Not what is important.

For example, New York recently passed a law that, among other things, prohibits law enforcement agencies from cooperating with out-of-state prosecutors in most abortion cases. But it’s not clear whether a Governor Zelden would be completely limited by law. He has promised to oust Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s district attorney, even though Bragg, who was elected last year with 84 percent of the vote, has shown a desire to push the limits of his authority. Oregon, meanwhile, has no such law, just one Written commitment from the governor, Democrat Kate Brown, to resist out-of-state legalization of abortion.

In both Oregon and New York, there are many administrative levers governors can hold back on reproductive health care. Zelden has said it would be a “great idea” to appoint an anti-abortion health commissioner, a powerful position in the state. Shortly after the Supreme Court’s draft decision overturning Roe became public in May, Hoechl awarded New York providers $25 million to care for an expected influx of out-of-state patients. Created a support fund, as well as $10 million more to help increase their security. Zeldin would almost certainly eliminate such a grant. Drzan has criticized a similar grant program in Oregon. Referring sarcastically For the funding of “abortion tourism”.

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