Overwatch 2 Is Celebrating The Lunar New Year With A New Event

Blizzard has announced the Lunar New Year celebration. Overwatch 2. The new seasonal event introduces new skins for players, changes to the festival map, the return of arcade brawls, and more.

Whenever a player loads into Lejang Tower, they will see fireworks in the sky as part of the Lunar Year celebration. They will also be able to play the following modes: Capture the Flag, Flag Blitz, and Bounty Hunter.

Capture the Flag Blitz is a fast-paced version of the capture the flag arcade brawl. The flag is placed in the center of the map, and both teams have to race to the first flag to ensure their victory. Players can also participate in the 2023 competitive capture the flag and earn competitive points. In Bounty Hunter mode, players will be thrown into a free-for-all match. Whoever can kill an opponent first will be rewarded, and when they have a bounty on them, they can get more points for being killed — but the catch is that everyone can see the bounty all the time. Yes, it doesn’t matter where they are.

Throughout the event, players can earn free rewards just by logging in. There will also be a wide variety of event challenges awarding bonus cosmetics and Battle Pass XP when they play one of our Lunar New Year brawls. Also, when the four event challenges are completed, they can unlock the Kkachi Echo legendary skin.

Finally, players can also unlock cosmetic items through Twitch Drops. Whenever they see a content creator streaming on Twitch, they can unlock a Victory Pose and a Legendary skin for Moira from the Lunar New Year collection. If their Battle.net account is linked to their Twitch account, they can unlock The Lion Roars Victory Pose for Moira for two hours, and the Masked Dancer Legendary skin for Moira for four hours. are

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