Plane carrying 72 people crashes in Nepal | World News

A plane carrying 72 people has crashed in Nepal, killing at least 40 people, officials say.

In videos on local media, black smoke can be seen billowing from the crash site as rescue workers and crowds gather around the wreckage.

An airline spokesperson said there were 68 passengers and four crew members on board.

Among the passengers, 10 were foreigners and two were infants.

At least 40 bodies have been recovered from the crash site in West Pokhara, a Nepal Aviation Authority spokesman said.

“We hope to recover more bodies,” army spokesman Krishna Bhandari said. “The plane is broken into pieces.”

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal called an emergency cabinet meeting and appealed to security personnel and local people to help rescue efforts.

An airport official said the twin-engine ATR 72, operated by Yeti Airlines, was flying from the capital Kathmandu.

It was the deadliest plane crash in Nepal since 1882, according to the Aviation Safety Network database.

According to flight tracking website FlightRadar24, the plane was 15 years old.

Plane crashes are not uncommon in Nepal, which is home to eight of the world’s 14 highest mountains, including Everest, as the weather can change suddenly and create dangerous conditions.

Last year, 22 people were killed when a plane crashed into a mountain.

In 2018, a US Bangla passenger plane from Bangladesh crashed on landing in Kathmandu, killing 49 of the 71 people on board.

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