Pokemon Go Twinkling Fantasy Event Brings Mega Salamence To Your Local Pokemon Gym

Pokemon Go is kicking off 2023 with a bang, as Niantic has followed up its recent Community Day Classic announcement with details of the next game event, which will be called Twinkling Fantasy.

The Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy event will start on January 10th at 8am local time and will run until January 16th at 10pm local time. The limited-time event will see Mega Salamence kick off Pokemon Go by appearing in four-star Mega Reds in Gems throughout the game.

Mega Salamence is arriving in Pokemon Go on January 10th.
Mega Salamence is arriving in Pokemon Go on January 10th.

Pokemon seen in the wild during the Twinkling Fantasy event include Claffery, Jigglypuff, and Dratini, while a shiny variant of Didion will be available for the first time. Pokemon that are caught with a special throw–either good, great, or perfect–will earn players additional bonuses including increased experience and earned candy.

Below is the full slate of events scheduled for the Pokemon Go Twinkling Fantasy event:

  • New Pokemon
    • Mega Salamence will appear for the first time in Mega Raids.
  • Event bonus
    • Double the experience of catching a Pokemon with a good, great, or perfect throw.
    • Extra candy for catching Pokemon with good, great or best throws.
    • Increases the chance of catching Pokemon with a Good, Great, or Excellent throw for Candy XL (players 31 and up only).
  • Pokemon Encounters (All pokemon with stars have a chance to glow when encountered)
    • Wild:
      • vegan*
      • Clefable*
      • Claifery*
      • dead*
      • dino*
      • Dratini*
      • Gumi (rare encounter)
      • jiggle puff*
      • Marl*
      • Naubat* (rare encounter)
      • Realts*
      • togetic*
      • The vibration
    • Raids (All pokemon with stars have a chance to glow when encountered)
      • One Star: Axew*, Deino*, Jigglypuff*, Marill*
      • Three Star: Dedin*, Durdigan*, Mawile*
      • Five Star: Zichrome*
        • Anyone caught after losing a raid knows Zekrom’s special charged move, Fusion Bolt.
    • Practical research (Encountered after completing some field research tasks)
      • vegan*
      • Claifery*
      • dead*
      • Dratini*
      • Gumi* (rare encounter)
  • Collection Challenge
    • Players who complete the Twinkling Fantasy Collection challenge will receive 50 Mega Salamence Energy, a Charged TM, and a Fast TM.

Pokemon Go is now available to download on iOS and Android devices.

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