Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Leak: New Monsters, Starter Evolution

Fuecoco examines a fallen apple.

Screenshot: Nintendo

Caught by a Laker. Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Two weeks before the official road date. So of course, they’re throwing screenshots online before the games actually launch. Right now, the photos are on Twitter and Reddit. So you can read about them too. my box First, right?

All screenshots are taken from the Spanish version of the game, and It seems like From A person. Unfortunately, they had deleted their account by then. my box Tried to verify them. But the genie is out of the bottle, so let’s see what there is to see. Of course, if you don’t want to peek at it. Scarlett And Violet Two weeks before its release, stop reading here.

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A spoiler bar has a cross-out eye.

First up we have the (potential) first evolution of the new Firestarter, Fukuko. Crocalor looks similar to his previous evolution, except that he wears a wide-brimmed hat. Honestly, it seems kind of in-between. Other than the hat, it doesn’t look that different from Fuecoco. Bo, I say. If I don’t have a bit of trainer’s remorse when designing my starter at 16 or 18, then what are the designers doing? Here’s hoping the Grass-type Sprigative and the Water-type quickly turn into Mega Freaks.

New Pokemon like Flamego and Tarontula have also been leaked. Most likely, flamingo is a combination of flamingo and “amigo”, and tarantula is… a round tarantula. I also see a Ralts and Buizel in the party, which means we’re getting mixed breeds of Pokemon in these games. There were players. Really upset when Sword And the shield The producer announced that not all Pokémon will be included in the national decks. It is likely that Scarlett And Violet The entire national deck will not be covered.

At least Simulio is getting a beautiful evolution into Dollio. Her slender green body reminds me a bit of Roselia’s evolutionary line, right down to the social anxiety that Simoleo and Budio seem to share. Fans are also tweeting about Toros related to the region. (Again, this is something we can’t confirm yet. So take it with a grain of salt.)

Vivillon is also back with a fancy pattern wing variation. There were 20 different variations of this bug-type Pokemon. x And YDepending on the geographic location of the 3DS. To catch them all, you had to trade with friends around the world. It looks like this mechanic will make a comeback for the Switch generation.

One of the accounts reposting the leak also showed an in-game cinematic, which prominently features two Parakeet Pokemon. Scarlett And Violet.

Pokemon Scarlett And Violet Will be (officially) released for Nintendo Switch on November 18th.

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